WPH LeadWin Place Home, Inc. (WPH) is a California registered, IRS approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which offers former racehorses a good home where their transition will be smooth and calm, giving them a confident trust to move forward in life. We have created a place of rescue to rehabilitate and retrain these thoroughbreds leading to active careers.

Through retraining, our goal is to repurpose the racehorse as a functioning member of a new discipline. We hope to change the way people view off-track thoroughbreds; not as high-strung, flighty or untrainable but as determined, strong horses with a desire to learn and give back. We seek to improve the lives of these horses by building a new foundation on which they can succeed.

WPH also works with programs that contribute to the community making an impact with the underserved. As a place of education, we show that anyone can get a second chance at life and help prospective owners understand the benefits of humane retirement. Horses can teach a great deal about respect and love. We feel that everyone can benefit in sharing this experience.

While there are potential owners and individuals who possess the necessary amount of time and patience, most do not seek out these types of horses as prospects in their discipline. The people adopting horses from WPH won’t need to have experience with off-track thoroughbreds to aid their transition. Through our knowledge of not only racing thoroughbreds but other disciplines, we can offer these horses the training that will help them succeed.


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