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Racehorses know what it means to do well.

After retiring, these horses deserve the opportunity to do more.


At least 3,000 thoroughbred racehorses stop racing every year. Two out of three of these racehorses will be abandoned, euthanized, or even put down inhumanly(1). Once a thoroughbred is deemed un-raceable he becomes a money pit for the owners which can lead to a very stressful situation. There are many individuals and facilities willing to give these animals a new home but decide against it because of a racehorses’ notoriety for high energy levels and difficulty in re-training. Win Place Home is here to help those horses make the transition from track to off-the-track.

It is very difficult to find a trainer who has experience in multiple disciplines and has the knowledge of the racetrack world.  This is what sets Win Place Home, Inc. apart.  As CJ Marinaccio (WPH Founder) explains, it is the knowledge and care for horses that comes first.


CJ Thorin


"There is nothing that makes me happier than helping animals. I am very passionate and committed to horses and maximizing their potential to bring warmth and happiness to others. I have been riding horses for thirty-three years and have worked with them for twenty years. I have worked with trainers, owners, and vets from all equine disciplinary backgrounds to determine how their specifically trained horse, stepping down from the racetrack life, would react or behave according to their discipline, in order to utilize the horse's strengths and purpose in retraining."



The truth is, any ex-racehorse can go on to have a productive career in a variety of other disciplines.  We appreciate you visiting our site to learn more about how you can help us allow these special horses a great future.  We cannot thrive without donors like you, please consider donating today.


1; Laura Anne Mullane, Washington Post, Beasts of Burden, 2010